Squad car cleanup is not something most cops like to do. Econ Biohazard offers free squad car cleanup we will professionally clean the squad or police vehicle to OSHA standards 24/7 and leave the vehicle smelling fresh and leaving you confident you won’t be exposed to any diseases by using proper disinfection techniques.

For the fastest service please call our dispatch at 470-380-3130 or you may fill out the form below. We will do our best to make it out to clean up your squads the same day but sometimes due to our call volume this is not always possible. The fastest service is to call so we can dispatch to your department to handle the cleanup, average time is 30-60 minutes. Econ Biohazard recognizes the importance of having squads in service, down time is never good most jobs can be done in an hour or less!

  • Cleanings offered onsite for departments.
  • Monday – Sunday  24 Hours
  •  Police Cruiser
  • Disinfecting Odor Removal
  •  Police Transport Vehicles
  • Jail Cells / Holding Cells / Prisons
  • Please contact us below for more details.

This form is to be filled out by police departments / jail locations when they need a biohazard company.  We sanitize and disinfect over 150 different organisms, fungi, viruses, and bacteria.  Econ Biohazard, LLC can spray for ringworm, athletes foot and other fungicidal infections. For more information complete the contact form below we work close with the CDC to stay update.

Public Safety Dept

Day in and day out, law enforcement officers work to protect our communities. Your focus in on protecting the community, our focus is to clean up affected homes and businesses after traumatic incidents. Econ is your partner. Families and businesses needing cleanup and remediation services can depend on Econ for services at the highest levels of professionalism, compassion, and care. We are your “second responders,” ready to help 24/7/365. Our comprehensive process and attention to detail approach ensures that families know their homes are free of harmful biohazardous material. Together, law enforcement and Econ can quickly and safely help our communities through the worst of times.

Police Officers Said They Recommend Homicide Cleanup Business to Econ Biohazard

As a police officer, you are faced with traumatic situations daily. From violent crimes and homicides to suicides and serious accidents, you have likely seen it all. Still, when a member of your community has been a victim of a homicide, you want to do what you can for the family and help lighten the burden that they will inevitably face in the days and weeks to come.

Many families whose loved one has been murdered are shocked to find out that it is their responsibility to clean up the scene of the homicide; the police and other law enforcement officials do not have the ability to perform this sort of specialized service. Fortunately, no family has to take on this task alone, thanks to homicide cleanup companies like Econ Biohazard.

The Best in Homicide Cleanup

At Econ Biohazard, we understand that the effects of loss often overwhelm families, and our hearts go out to those who are suffering. This compassion paired with our extensive knowledge of the bioremediation process has made us a southern leader in homicide cleanup for over 7 years. In fact, a recent survey showed that 1 out of 5 police officers and detectives said they recommend crime scene cleaning business to Econ Biohazard.

When should a family turn to Econ Biohazard for help?

As a general rule, blood is never just blood, you should turn to a crime scene cleanup specialist for help.

While neighbors and community members are often happy to help a grieving family clean up after the scene of a crime, many are unaware of the potential dangers they face by doing so. The risk of coming into contact with invisible and often unknown bloodborne pathogens like hepatitis B and C are high at the scene of a homicide, and not everyone has the required tools to complete the job thoroughly and safely.

What sets Econ Biohazard apart?

Econ Biohazard maintains the highest standards in sanitation, cleaning, and safety through:

  • Protection. All of our technicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and respirators while at the scene.
  • Training. Our technicians have completed bloodborne pathogen, hazard communication, OSHA, and medical waste handling/transporting training.
  • Compliance. Econ biohazard is compliant with all DOT, EPA, state, and local regulations.
  • Proof of insurance. Econ Biohazard can offer proof of workers’ compensation, general liability, contractors’ environmental liability, and property damage insurance.
  • Compassion. We believe that no one should have to suffer the process of cleaning and restoration after a traumatic event. Therefore, the mission of Econ Biohazard is to relieve the customer’s burden by providing compassionate, customer-focused, conscientious care in the delivery of our services.
  • Public education. We support public health education through community outreach, learning materials, training, and brochures.

Contact US

If you are a member of law enforcement, a medical examiner, coroner, or emergency personnel and are looking for a reputable homicide cleanup company to refer to a grieving family, Econ Biohazard is available 24/7. Contact us today to learn more.

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