Strong Work Ethic is Critical to a Businesses Success !

A strong work ethic is critical to the success of your business. It is actually one of the hardest areas to tackle when you first get started in this industry. Many people become overwhelmed at trying to keep everything in order day in and day out. The real trick here is having the drive necessary to enable you to motivate yourself into action. Not having a strong work ethic is very detrimental to your success as a home business owner. We will discuss critical tasks necessary to be successful in your business.

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You all probably know by now my work ethic was developed over the years during my time in the US Air Force. It did not just happen overnight. It took a lot of dedication on my part in addition to sergeants breathing down my back. Over time it became a habit and part of my character. It was drilled into my subconscious that as long as I was doing what was right when no one was looking, I had nothing to worry about. Had I not had the guidance throughout the years to give me a strong work ethic who knows where I would be? So I bring this up for one reason only, to show you through dedication and determination you will reach your goals. To be honest, it has opened up so many opportunities for me and my family over the years. Thanks Searg! So, Here is what I feel is required to help establish a strong work ethic.

Keys To A Strong Word Ethic


In order to have astrong work ethicthe first thing you need to have is initiative. You are the captain on your ship and you have to be self-motivated. Creating a work environment where you can focus and be organized is necessary. Dont just plan your day but prepare your day. Break your day down into segments and give yourself set time limits to complete certain tasks. Using a stop watch if necessary to ensure you are not wasting critical time helps keep you on track. Logging what you do throughout your day allows you to review you progress and make adjustments for tomorrow


Being a self-motivator is another key factor in developing a strong work ethic. Before you look to tackle any job, have the right mind set. Remember you have to be the person others idol in a sense. Attempting to solve problems on your own gives you future knowledge of how to handle harder problems. Having an attitude of pure confidences is critical even if you're not having such a good day. Vibrate at a frequency that draws other people towards you. In addition, working your plan towards money making activities is the reason we are doing this. In this business you have to be 100% committed to the activity at hand.


When an athlete trains to get their bodies in shape do they do it all at once? No, they train in increments over time to develop their skills. This is no different for you either in developing a strong work ethic. Since you work for yourself you have to be self-motivated and push through when times are at their hardest. Many feel these are the hardest times in a business. Well in actuality these are the best times in a business because overcoming these obstacles makes you that much more resilient for what's coming. Knowing and understanding is actually half the battle to your success. Dont be like the 80 per centers and end up quitting when the road gets to rough. Over-comers find out a way to repave that road and buy a new sports car to travel it.

Integrity Is Key In a "STRONG WORK ETHIC"

Again my famous saying in the service do what's right when no one is looking is a great starting point to a strong work ethic. Being in business you are the boss. Dont cheat your way around or be a shyster. Having solid integrity is one of the most curtail attributes you need to be and stay successful online. Dont look for the cheater way to become successful. Do it though trial and tribulations. Learn from your mistakes and use that knowledge for a strong work ethic. Understand there are hundreds of people relying on your success to teach them how to be successful. Lets not let them down!

When you work for yourself, you have no one telling you when, where and how something is going to get done. Its all up to you. Each and every day, you must stay in that millionaire mentality mode. It is so easy to get side track into all the ups and downs in life. We all have them and staying focused on success alleviates these distractions. In order to stay focused, my recommendation is to read daily self-help and developmental books. When you look at the rich and famous, how do you think they overcame diversity and ended up on the top? They did it though progressive personal development over time. If they we're given lemons then they would end up making lemonade. You have to work yourself into a frenzy of already being successful before it really happens. Basically you have to change your mind set through continued positive input. We all know the mass amount of negativity currently in the world around us. I always understood that if you put garbage in then that is what you are going to get out.

Put it this way, if you're in business to help people reach their goals and you lack the essential ingredient of integrity then understand it's only a matter of time before you're not doing this anymore. Stay the course, focus on your daily & long term goals and in the end you will have achieved a strong work ethic.

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