The Faith Walk. (On a Personal level)

You don't see it, but that doesn't mean it isn't there. Your reality right now is trying to rob you of the abundance that is on the other side of this obstacle.

Listen readers, this month has been a month of many different obstacles. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I've had to take leaps of faith and dive in to deep waters praying to God he would be there with me while I pushed through the tides. As well as praying to God that he would meet me when I came up for air. Some situations I caused out of ignorance. Others I have no control over.

But when I tell you God is faithful and all I've been doing is having a small ounce of faith in order to experience this massive, huge faithful God. My wording may not have made sense right there, but it doesn't make any logical sense in how AMAZING he has been and is.

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You know it's something when you may not have all you want, but your really can't complain because you have all you need. It's something when people look at you and they would never be able to tell the things you are facing at the moment.

There is beauty in unspoken triumph. It looks good on you, even when you feel like you could give up at that present moment and you press any way, victory can be the Glory that rest on your countenance.

While in this season of learning, I have found that getting around people that have experienced God doing what they asked for (and then some) is very beneficial. When you are being hasten to increase your faith, you have no time to miss a meal of edification. You must feed your faith through the word, prayer, worship, praise and even through conversation with people (iron sharpening iron). If not you can face your situations with the wrong attitude and spirit ultimately forfeiting the blessings that God has for you. This doesn't necessarily just mean financially, however the spiritual things like joy, peace, love, self- control or spiritual gifts.

Faith requires supernatural tunnel vision that only allows you to see God doing whatever it is he said he would do with an understanding of the power that is in you. I've always heard people say "Let God do it", or "Lord, fix it", but I've always questioned that mentality, although I understand that in phases of our lives all we can bank on is the Glory and manifestation of God to show up, but we also can bank on that very same Glory and power being reveal and manifested in us; even through us.

I know, I know there are somethings that are completely out of our hands. However, I'm getting to the point where "teach my hands to war" and " you've given us power to get wealth" take on a WHOLE new meaning.

I'm not a scholar or theologian yet, but I do believe that God means what he says and that the revelations of what he says, which can only be revealed by way of the Holy spirit ( I know I keep mentioning him a lot ya'll, He's IMPORTANT) he means those to.

GREATER WORK THAN THESE SHALL WE DO!!! Nothing in your vision should stop you from seeing accurately. Let me break that down, nothing in your natural vision, should stop you from seeing accurately in the SPIRIT.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Faith has to come from the core of who and what we are. It is the evidence that there is something better and greater. Despite whatever comes, who says what, Faith is the real matter and ultimate reality that there is a true and living God that can do whatever we need him to do even if we can't SEE him doing it. Even a step further, faith is the evidence that although we can't see it, there is power in me to obtain whatever the unseen is.

So let's build each other up, sharpen each other, lean on each other in our efforts to stay on this Faith walk . It's a journey that we will forever be on until well you know!

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