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Capcoms Dragons Dogma is an open world Action RPG which initially saw release on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in May of 2012. An enhanced version including additional content was released the subsequent year with the subtitle Dark Arisen. Capcom has recently announced they'll be answering the pleas of PC RPG fans by porting the title to the Steam platform.

Dragons Dogma is a western style fantasy RPG that draws influence from titles such as Skyrim, Dark Souls and Monster Hunter. Players are free to explore the games vast world with their party of AI companions, doing battle with the colossal beasts which inhabit the land. Dragons Dogma features a dynamic combat system which centers around identifying and exploiting the weaknesses of your opponents. Youll be able to climb atop the creatures you face and beat them into submission by hacking away their various body parts.

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One of the many formidable beasts you'll come against in Dragon's Dogma.

The game also features unique online functionality which allows players to customize and upload AI companions called pawns. You can browse and enlist pawns from other players games to fill holes in your partys line up.

Capcom has just released a trailer for the PC port of Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen which promises to take full advantage of modern gaming machines boasting 4K resolution support and60 FPS gameplay. Along with Steam platform integration including achievements and cloud saves,it seems Capcom is correctly going about making an adequate PC version. PC gamers who missed Dragons Dogma on consoles, or those that simply want to replay the game with enhanced graphical fidelity,have got something to look forward to in early 2016.

Dragon's Dogma for PC features improved graphical fidelity and 60 FPS gameplay.

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