Anything beyond “maintenance cleaning” is considered deep cleaning. This includes cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc and can be on hard surfaces like a tub, sink, or toilet, or be on something soft and/or porous like carpet, upholstery, or hardwood.

Just built a new house or building? Much dirt, debris, and soil can be left behind by contractors affecting all of your expensive new construction. We will come in and make sure it is as spic and span as you expect any new construction to be when you move in. Moving into a new home, apartment, condo, or office? Don’t risk not having it cleaned and. decontaminated prior to moving in because you have no clue what the last person left behind!

This service includes everything that comes in a general cleaning, but is more detailed. we clean the refrigerator, oven, fans, window blinds, and doors. we use hospital grade EPA approved disinfectant to make sure your home is germs free and safe.
(First-time cleanings may require more time).

We consistently provide the customer with 100% quality and friendly cleaning service

  • Apartment cleaning
  • Business cleaning
  • Home cleaning
  • Inside Window washing
  • Move in/out deep cleaning
  • Sink thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and rinsed
  • Tub and/or shower tiles thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and rinsed
  • Chrome fixtures cleaned and shined
  • Toilets disinfected inside and out, including base and behind
  • Vanity top cleaned (more time may be required to remove and replace items on top)
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Windowsills wiped down
  • Baseboards dusted or wiped
  • Vacuum and/or wash floor
  • Fingerprints removed from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates
  • Countertops and backsplash cleaned (all items removed and replaced)
  • Cabinet fronts washed or dusted
  • Sinks scrubbed and disinfected
  • Floor vacuumed or washed
  • Exterior of appliances (oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, stovetop)
  • Cleaned (interior cleaned upon request – ask for details)

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