Expert Assistance

At Econ Biohazard, our goal is to use our professional expertise to help you begin the process of healing. We are fully accredited, insured, and bonded to perform professional biohazard waste removal and remediation. We provide 24/7 service, because we want to be available when you need us the most.

Healthy Connection

Econ Biohazard LLC is your partner if a traumatic incident occurs in your home or business. With an unrivaled level of preparedness, our trained experts pay detailed attention to anything you may need. We want you to begin the process of recovery, so our goal is to quickly and confidentially complete the task at hand. Econ thrives on partnerships and will assist you in the healing process.

Crime Victims Program

In the event of a traumatic incident, our experts are trained to pay special attention to your needs with an unrivaled level of preparedness. Our goal is to quickly and confidentially complete the task at hand, so you can begin the process of recovery. While other crime scene cleanup companies have customers, Econ creates partnerships and strives to assist you in the healing process. Econ Biohazard LLC works closely with Crime Victims Compensation Programs (Victims Comp). For information about statewide victim services call: 800-547-0060.


For our homeowner partners, we make this process as simple as possible by offering any professional cleanup service you need in one place. We’ve worked extensively with insurance companies usually resulting in little to no out-of-pocket costs for our homeowner partners. Our quick and diligent work rectifies any situation with our exemplary remediation services. We are here so you can begin the healing process after a trauma

Commercial Building

If your commercial building was the scene of a traumatic incident, it’s vital to contact the conscientious professionals of Econ Biohazard. We use state of the art equipment and industry-approved processes to remove all remnants of an accident or incident. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the occupant’s safety in the building with no physical traces or odor of the incident and to

Government Facilities

Econ Biohazard works closely with our government partners in order to provide immediate assistance after an incident. The end goal to minimize downtime and ensure occupancy safety are a top priority. Whether the buildings are open to the public or contain highly sensitive information, materials, processes, and equipment – Econ is trained, certified and trusted to handle any situation.

Insurance Companies

Econ Biohazard has close insurance partners which allows us to simplify and expedite the remediation services. Once a claim has been filed, we’ll work with an insurance company in order to provide them with the necessary information to complete the claim. Most crime, trauma, and death situations are covered by a homeowner’s policy and we will work to ensure there is a minimal impact on the property and out of pocket expense.


Giving back is an important part of the Econ Biohazard culture. Econ donates to the less fortunate communities every year. We have given product donations to hundreds of nonprofits and educational facilities. We also donate to local Fire, Police and EMS. We are just getting started! We also work with customers’ charities as well.

Residential Management

After a traumatic event in a rental property, it’s imperative to have the biohazardous scene professionally cleaned. Exposure of body fluids and other pathogens can pose serious health consequences for you, your staff, and other residents which results in liability risk. Whether the decontamination is caused by a suicide, murder, undiscovered death, accident, other trauma, sewage backups, hoarding, meth labs, or any other biohazard – the experts at Econ offer quick and effective solutions.

Funeral Homes

Econ is proudly a recommended biohazard clean service provider receiving referrals from funeral homes across the East Coast. Our expert remediation services help when accidents, suicides, crime scenes and unattended deaths have occurred. Providing 24/7 emergency assistance to funeral home partners across the East Coast, we’re here to help whenever you need it.

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