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There is a very significant role of Effective Communication in our life. When we talk about it's reasons then we can find out several reasons why it is so important. But, here a single reason would be enough to give a complete summary or to tell about the overall need of effective communication. Effective communication is important because, it helps people to live a great life at work or anywhere else.

  1. Dont interrupt, First Listen: - We all know the frightful incidence of the Titanic. The whole accident took place just due to a small communication barrier. John George Jack Phillips was a senior British wireless Telegraphist was aboard the RMS Titanic. Phillips interrupted a message of iceberg warning of nearby ship but jack replied shut up. Effective communication could have prevented the tragedy and the loss of 1500 lives. Communication plays a very valuable role in career also. Never interrupt your client or customer. If you interrupt your client without listening to his problem then he can be upset. If you think that interrupting is very necessary somewhere then may tell him that your idea was this or you we're thinking this. By this the client can confirm that you are correct or not and along with this you can save your time also.

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  2. Dont be negative: - Dont be negative while asking questions to your client. For example, you have not installed Microsoft outlook 2007? instead of Do you have installed Microsoft outlook 2007? questions must be very clear and if you ask open ended questions to your client then that is more beneficial to create a perfect communication bridge between you and your client.
  3. Listen carefully: - Did you ever feel that with whom you are talking to maybe he is listening to you but is not giving any sign. How does it feel like? So avoid doing the same thing with your client or customer. Whenever you are talking to him or he is his telling you about his problem react in that conversation and let him know that you are listening to him actively. Use the words like yes No or those are required after a sentence or a paragraph. This will strengthen your conversation with your client.
  4. Be more conscious while talking on technical things: - You have to be more conscious while talking on technical stuff with whether your client or customer. Your client may not have technical knowledge on that extent how you have. You don't have to use technical words and short forms because your client may have lack of technical knowledge or those forms may have different meanings. Be careful that your client has any query. Ask your client that is he getting you properly whatever you're saying.
  5. Focus on your words: - you have to be very careful whenever you talk to your client means you have to keep focus on your words, phrases and also on pronunciation. Because you don't know when a word said by you can be interpreted by your client weather you are innocent. For example there is a word ma when you pronounce this word in high tone then it means mother in law however you pronounce the same word in rising and falling tone then it becomes horse. While communicating to your client don't use the word you again and again. Because by this your client may feel defensive or threatened. In another example suppose you say some one you don't know what will happen next to whom you said he may perceive that you are being offensive and threatening to him that you, don't know what will happen next.
  6. Use the positive statements instead of negative: - If you be a flow of motivation for your client then the trust between you and your client is built more. Your client is interested to hear yes from your side. He is always interested in your capabilities not in limitations. He would always like to know what you can do, not in what you cant. The way you say the things to your client the same way he perceives you and your department. Say him, Please log off so I can help you instead of I can't help you unless you log off
  7. Technical problems consisted with emotional imbalance: - When a client suffers from technical problem he may be loose temper, panic. For example: if you want to print out a document and printer hangs at the same time. Then you may feel annoyed depends on the availability of time and the importance of that document. You are not being asked to be a doctor but if just solve that technical problem and walk away, then the client may be upset still. But, in another case if you talk some like, oh! You had this technical problem. I feel also so bad whenever I have the same.
  8. Try to anticipate your clients objections and questions: - It is better to anticipate your clients objection and questions so you can prepare yourself in advance all time. Every time the client can't be the same. He may have different level of queries.
  9. Remember to keep your customer informed: - With the passage of time tell your customers about their developments. If your client leaves a message, or send you E-mail then let him know about this that you have received the message. If a problem is resolved then let him know about this may be he wants to work immediately.
  10. Surprise your client: - The best way to make the barrier free communication with your client is to tell your clients about new updates from the field and share the significant information with your client before he knows the same from somewhere else.

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