At Econ, we are meticulous and conscientious when it comes to biohazard removal services. Our certified, professional technicians adhere to stringent guidelines during the cleaning of scenes with blood or bodily fluids. We know that to get the job done right it requires top quality equipment, skill and experience. That is why we ensure our technicians have the best training to handle any biohazardous situation. This includes bloodborne pathogens certification, lead testing training, chemical hazards certification and hazardous waste operations and emergency response training among others.

Removing biohazardous materials from a site requires experience and attention to detail over and above other cleaning jobs. At Econ, our cleaning technicians are equipped with high grade chemicals to disinfect and sanitize. We also require that our biohazard specialists wear personal protective equipment to prevent cross contamination. All of the biohazardous material that we find is carefully handled, packaged and removed to a designated biohazardous material disposal site.

We know that trauma situations can be emotional for those impacted. Our teams are sensitive to your situation. That is why we make sure to handle each clean up with discretion, speed and efficiency. At Econ, we focus on getting the job done right and promptly. Let us help you handle the details so you can focus on the healing process.

Biohazard removal technicians at Econ believe our work is not done until all the contaminated material is disposed of according to government regulations. When you hire Econ Biohazard you can be confident you are getting the best quality, trauma cleaning specialists for the job. Our teams are here so you don’t have to handle the job on your own. We will disinfect and sanitize the area so it is restored to a safe space.

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