Your nose, your self image.and what can be done about it!

How do your counterparts view you? Do you come across as confident, in control and someone who is looking outward instead of inwards? The slightest bit of insecurity can come across as aloof, not trusting or disconnected. This is not the image you want to portray in the work world. It's important to exude confidence, security and enthusiasm. How do you think it comes across to others if you are feeling self conscious about a physical attribute? This can be true about any aspect of our physical being.

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We can be so critical of the image we see in the mirror. The slightest blemish, scar, or imperfect facial feature can cause us to act insecure at a very subconscious level. This can lead us to find easy-to-manage solutions that give us the desired result we're looking for. Sometimes, the most prominent feature of the face, the nose, can also be the most mentally distracting for someone and source of serious insecurity. An asymmetrical, bulbous, large, or undesirable shaped nose can create imbalance to the face and reduced self confidence. Symmetry of all the facial features however creates the harmonic balance that allows us to feel our best.

Three ways to create a more balanced nose shape & size.

1.Makeup shading

2.Injectible filler contouring (Radiesse)


1. Makeup Shading

This can be a convenient non-surgical solution for improving the appearance of your nose. Contouring with a lighter shade of foundation to highlight the wanted features and concealing the unwanted features (angles and bumps) of the nose with a darker shade of foundation before applying the final touch of mineral powder can create the appearance of dimension and depth.

Don't overdue it!

Be sensible when contouring any feature of your face with makeup. Daytime wear should require a more subtle blend and shades closer to your natural skin tone.

Nightime wear however, depending on the amount of light that will be reflecting on your face, may require using a heavier application of shading. Remember to blend in the lines of the makeup but don't overdo it by blending it into the areas not needed!!

Preparation Tools needed to achieve these results are common items found in most makeup cases:

- lip brush

- wedge shaped makeup sponge

- 3 shades of foundation ( skin tone, 1-2 shades lighter and 1-2 shades darker)

- taupe brown and a lighter shade of eyeshadow can be substitued

The following url link provides resourceful instructions on how to use makeup contouring for different shaped noses: WHAT TYPE OF NOSE DO YOU HAVE?

2. Derma Filler Injections Nose Reshaping

For non-permanent noticeable results derma fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm can create a smooth even contour for those with a nose that is slightly misshapen. Such as when the bone protrudes from the slope of the nose or for a nose that is slightly crooked or uneven. Derma fillers can also create more dimension and depth for someone with a flat nose. The procedure generally takes up to one hour with no downtime, can last up to one year and is much more affordable than surgical Rhinoplasty. For a long term investment, Rhinoplasty is a more permanent solution.

3. Surgical Rhinoplasty

There are misshapen noses that require corrective surgery, such as Rhinoplasty to obtain desired results. Statistics reveal according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery that in 2008 Rhinoplasty procedures we're performed on 13, 852 patients ages 18 and under; 76,779 nose reshaping procedures we're performed on patients ages 19-34. Although some of these surgeries are intended as a corrective solution to those patients who have suffered from breathing difficulty, it is often chosen for aesthetic purposes to create a nearly perfect nose.

Nose reshaping options are available for anyone seeking to improve their appearance. Consulting with a an American Board of Plastic Surgery, certified plastic surgeon is vital in determining the best possible short term and long term goals for your self image.

When you come across more confident you will attract the type of reactions and interactions you want from your counterparts and you will be able to focus at the job at hand and not yourself.


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