I'm not so great at buying...

Frontline LTD Com(FRO) spiked today to new highs and is dancing around it's breakout point. Being that i'm not so great at buying I was hoping for this stock to soar into overbought territory however that didn't happen. Volume was great at the end of the day run into the close so i'm looking for a dip to buy on this one.

HDS International Corp Com (HDSI) went for a very nice run today. It opened at .074 and ran to a last minute high of .108. It closed around .09. There was no specific news and this is a former pump so i don't trust it. I will watch to see if it dips some more before i buy. There may be a possible morning panic and spike up in the morning and if i'm lucky i can find some shares to short but i'm not too crazy about the $2.50 rule being that this stock trades well below that. We shall see.

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Lithium Exploration Group Inc Com (LEXG). I'm not trading this tomorrow but this was an idea from yesterday and i just wanted to post the beautiful drop in price BOOM! anyhow, i couldn't find shares to short this today. On to the next

Pacific Ethanol Inc Com (PEIX). There was no dip morning dip but there was a spike so i didn't trade it. The stock closed right around yesterdays closed so just as long as i don't see a sell off i'll buy into this with a small position around .69 or .70 and see if we get some action. This is an old earnings winner and has been uptrending since.

Plug Power Inc Com (PLUG). This is an earnings winner as well and actually reached it breakout point today around $2.38. I didn't think it would hold the breakout because it was sooo slow and not many buyers. I shorted 2500 shares at $2.40. I'm still holding this into after hours and i plan on selling it tomorrow. At the end of the day we had a run to $2.45 which sucks and it closed around $2.43. Since it is an earnings winner and it is breaking out i shouldn't be short this. If anything i should be buying the breakoutI'll wait tomorrow to see how this plays out.

Transatlantic Petroleum LTD ORD (TAT). I tweeted this one and didn't know exactly why it even popped up in my scan but anyhow it appears to have crossed the 50 day SMA and it had earnings yesterday and beat the expected. So of course right under my nose it showed out. I'm looking to buy this one on a dip tomorrow if that happens. Just keeping this on my radar.

Telestone Technologies Corp Com (TSTC) did exactly as i said it would from yesterdays ideas. It gapped up in the morning and i completely missed it as i was reading a scan. I still had plenty time to buy it but i believe in sticking to my plan and if i missed the entry oh well. Anyhow, it bounced on resistance exactly how i show it in the chart. It broke resistance but recovered. Toward the end of the day it ran back to $7.75. I hope it spikes or stays there because i don't think it will spike higher. It has the potential but i'll go with my gut. I wanna see it play with resistance again and possibly break to new lows.

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