Being Bored At Work Can Actually Make You Money

Are you bored at work? Well I can say that after fourteen years contracting in various corporate institutions I have spent my fair share of time staring at blank screens. I wish that I could reclaim all that time I wasted trying to look busy while being bored at work and apply it to something worthwhile, something like blogging, monetizing websites or even running an online business.

Admittedly, you would not want to jeopardise your day job but there are certainly certain types of extra activities you could be doing at work that would not look out of place if your screen was suddenly seen by a passing boss. What I'm trying to say is that it could be a nice little extra earner if you started up an online business and do some of the daily activities required to be profitable while being paid by your boss instead of just being bored at work.

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Not Been Challenged Enough Leaves Us Bored At Work

You could argue that what I am suggesting is immoral and a risk to my reputation. I am not saying don't complete the work that is expected of you, and I am certainly not advocating doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. However, if you are bored at work it genuinely means that the work you are doing is not challenging, you have too little on your plate to keep you busy or you simply hate your job! Either way you look at it starting your own online business and spending a few hours a week working on it while you are at the job, especially if you are bored at work, starts to make sense.

Bored At Work Does Not Give You Job Security

I have said it hundreds of times before, in this day and age there is no such thing as job security. If you are bored at work, then in my opinion you should really do something about it. One option is to talk to your manager and ask them to increase your work load with something more interesting. Sometimes this works but it can also backfire and leave you exposed as a spare resource that come crunch time could leave you out in the cold. You could get proactive and instead of being bored at work seek out extra tasks or ask colleagues if you can help them with their work. To me the biggest reason for being bored at work is the lack of interest in the type of work you are doing I cannot remember how many times I have wished I was doing something else. The bottom line is that being bored at work is not uncommon, however the chances are that whatever you do about it won't provide you with ease of mind and give you complete job security. Maybe you should take matters into your own hands and start an online business that for now can be a second earner. That way you can solve the bored at work and job security problem.

Bored At Work Has Its Opportunities

So by default you may find yourself solving your bored at work dilemma by starting up your own little business. Who knows what may happen? It could just be a passing hobby or you may enjoy it to the extent you find yourself pursuing it as a career. Whatever transpires at least you are taking action to try and change aspects of your life that make you unhappy. Being bored at work can be a curse but if you take matters into your own hands it can really turn out to be the start of something much bigger. Why more people don't consider creating further income opportunities for themselves is a misdemeanour to me, seize the day I say and kick the boredom into touch!

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