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Are you struggling to start on your fitness journey? Here are a few tips that can help you:

Consult your doctor:
Many people ignore this but it is very important. Know your fitness status before jumping into exercising. Some people can not handle high cardio sessions, or running for longer hours because their bodies can not take it. It is fitness, do not die while at it. Know how far you can push yourself without putting your body in harm's way. The only way to know that is consulting a physician.

Create a routine:
Start now and draw up a routine for your fitness schedule. Just like you have a to-do list for your work, your body also needs this kind of attention. Find out days when you are less busy and slot in an exercise routine. You can never be too busy to fail to get time to exercise, if it's important to you, you can make time just like you make time for other things that are precious in your life.

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Exercise doesn't have to be boring:

Outdoor games: Rock Climbing

Find something that you love to do that is more fun for exercise. If you love to dance, you can join a Zumba fitness class and dance your way to fitness. If you love to hike, do that, sweat it out and burn some calories. The choices are enormous, from Zumba, Karate, Yoga, running, hiking, spinning etc You have no excuse for not exercising.

Download a fitness App and track your progess:
This actually is very important, more especially for runners. When I started running, I installed Runkeeper on my phone and started tracking my progress. It was annoying in the first days because I would be very tired and the app would tell me I had only completed 3km.. that can be demotivating at first but keep at it. Soon when you start getting stronger, you will find that you start loving to track your progress. How many calories you burnt, how your pace keeps increasing, how you run faster than your last run etc. I find that motivating.

Find a network of fitness friends

Find a network of friends who love to do what you do:
I can't even begin to tell you how much this has helped me. I love running and more so now that I have a network of friends who am connected with on my running app that are as committed as I am. I recently installed Nike+ running and that is what I use to track my runs. Immediately I started following a network of friends who love to run, this virtual network inspires me to run everyday. We even set up challenges in our networks to see who completes them first. I go out to run on my run days because I know my friends are at it too. This can work for whatever exercise you choose. If it's zumba, find friends who love to Zumba and go do a routine together.

Remember Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

It's never too late to start on your fitness journey. Start small and soon you will be surprised at how strong you are and how much you can achieve.

I thought I was going to die if I attempted a half marathon, but you know what? I didn't die, and now am looking forward to the day I will do a full marathon and I know that it is within reach this year because giving up is not an option for me.

I feel better, I look better, am stronger and ready to continue on my fitness journey.

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