The Mrs.

When Lara became Mrs. America, Mrs. Hawaii first runner-up, Shana Peete became Mrs. Hawaii. This is truly monumental as Shana is the first African-American to be crowned Mrs. Hawaii. Shana, a talented attorney, has done a number of events as a model/ GLAM! Squad Volunteer . We had the pleasure of interviewing Shana.

What does being Mrs. Hawaii& being a part of Goodwill's GLAM! Squad mean to you?

Shana- What a pleasant surprise it was to be honored with the title of Mrs. Hawaii. I'm proud to represent our great state and bring to light causes I'm passionate about such as the work of Goodwill Industries of Hawaii. I have worked as a mentor to women in the past (conducting credit counseling and job preparation workshops at a halfway house for soon-to-be-released inmates) and appreciate the job placement services Goodwill provides among so many other services. In 2011, I was fortunate to aid in a Goodwill] fundraising Fashion Show in Hawaii and another in California. It was fun and felt so good to help the community. I look forward to more experiences like this and more chances to work with Goodwill.

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