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We understand that hoarding can be a sensitive issue. Many times, the situation stems from a complex physical or mental limitation or disorder. That is why we ensure that our teams are professionally trained to handle the situation with caring and respect.

Research has found that up to five percent of the population has some form of issue with hoarding. For those with families and friends that are not capable of taking care of their property, Econ is here to help. We handle hoarding clean up scenarios discreetly and you can trust us for a thorough clean of the area.

Unfortunately, there can be health and safety hazards associated with hoarding situations. This can include fire hazards, infestations or decay. Many of these can present biohazards to those living in the space as well as to those who take care of the area. With Econ, our de-cluttering and hoarded house clearance specialists can handle the removal and disposal of items, possessions, rubbish and clutter that have been accumulating over time. We have the equipment and experience to deal with the situation professionally and sympathetically.

Hoarding situations call for cleaning expertise as well as restoration skill. Our experienced staff is able to handle cleanup and clean out of the property whether the resident has recently passed away or if they are still occupying the home. Econ offers debris removal, disposal of biohazardous materials, general cleaning and sanitizing as well as deodorizing services. We work to keep as many of your precious possessions as possible.

At Econ, we have the expertise to handle any hoarding situation including animal hoarding, food hoarding, estate cleaning and more. No matter what the hoarding clean up calls for, you can trust us to deal with the situation in the most sensitive and private way possible.

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